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Doll that 'refuses' food causes controversy for toy company

Face it. Sometimes babies are picky when it comes to what they eat. And since baby dolls are so realistic nowadays, it makes sense that a doll would be picky too, right? Right. Well a famous Spanish toy company made a "life-like" doll that "refuses" to eat food -- and now the company is under fire.

The doll was created to not eat and each time someone holds a spoon of fake-food to the dolls mouth, it shakes its head and "refuses" to eat. Of course this has some people outraged, many referring to the toy as an "anorexic doll."

Other dolls made by the company are incredibly life-like in that they eat, poop, have runny noses, and get the chicken pox. Some of the dolls can even get a sun tan -- something that seems a bit more serious than a baby who refuses to eat. Do you think these dolls should be less realistic? What do you make of the doll that won't eat?

Check out the video above for more.

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