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Doing Yoga Certifications the Right Way

Doing Yoga Certifications the right way
Doing Yoga Certifications the right way
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Yoga offers holistic development, harmonizing mind, body and soul. And if you believe that yoga is an exercising technique that can be taught to others, then you can also bring in a change- guide stressful minds to feel rejuvenated, both physically and mentally. But yoga isn’t your normal exercise. Yoga forms, including the most popular Ashtanga Yoga requires constant practice and excellent knowledge of bodily postures and breathing movements to ensure that it positively affects personal well being. That’s why you need yoga certification. Here are some of the ways in which you can do these certifications the right way-

Opt for Yoga teacher training

It’s simple! If you want to teach yoga to others around you, the best way to do so is to opt for yoga teacher training. Yoga teacher training programs can guide you in the popular Ashtanga method, mentor your skills and help you attain physical, mental and spiritual balance, while driving you towards meditation. Yoga certifications through teacher training programs increases your avenues for professionally yoga practice and teaching yoga across the world.

Make sure you give it time

Merely doing 5-10 yoga classes or 100 hours of teacher training won’t do you any good when it comes to yoga. Therefore, make sure that you only opt for courses that are developed for at least 200-500 hours. This help you gain extensive knowledge, how to perform postures and help others perform the right way. It will also increase your flexibility, help you meet with like minded people and get you proper yoga certification that will establish your career as a successful Yoga teacher.
Don’t just go for advertisements!

You may see several advertisements, on social media and other forms about ‘teachers’ providing training. But you shouldn’t just go for advertisements. While choosing a mentor or a guru for yoga teacher training, make sure that you opt for someone who has at least a decade of experience and has learned from Shri K Pattabhi Jois, the guru who created Ashtanga Yoga. This will ensure that you approach the right teacher. Also, insist on choosing teachers who have been authorized by the Jois guru to ensure that your yoga certification is genuine and reliable. Prefer teachers who have taught yoga courses around the world so that the certification is internationally recognized.

Lastly, attend all your classes for teacher training. If you want to get the certifications in the right manner, then you must work hard, practice all poses and ask questions from your teacher whenever required. If needed, use the available work material, such as DVDs or books offered by the teacher to get in-depth knowledge on yoga, its history, forms and practices. Also, ensure that you insist on a proper certificate and only then start teaching yoga professionally.