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Doing "whatever it takes" to win

It is now “old news” that in the 2008 election numerous accounts of voter fraud were found, with Obama’s ACORN group sitting in the spotlight. Among the many fraudulent registrations found that year, were Disney characters, dead people, and imprisoned criminals, all of which came from ACORN; a Democratic Party supporter.

More recently we’ve witnessed attempts at voter fraud by Democratic supporters in Nevada, Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania among what is sure to be many, many others by the time this election is over.

Today, millions of good Americans will go to the polls and vote for their candidates of choice, with some taking a payoff to vote the Democrat way.

A recent report shows that this Saturday past, the DNC has given about a million dollars to their campaign machine in Illinois. This infusion of cash comes too late to create and air any television or radio ads. It also comes too late to produce and distribute any campaign literature. So how is this pile of money going to be used at this late hour?

It has been stated by one “insider” that “This is money that very well could be used to literally buy the election at the street level.” Additionally, the report says that instruction has come down from as high an authority as the White House for the Illinois Democratic machine to “do whatever it takes.”

Now it would seem that if Democratic policies and Democratic candidates were really as wonderful as the Democratic Party would have us believe, would it be necessary for them to deceive, bribe, and cheat to win (steal) elections?

If Democrats will lower themselves to any level just to win elections, does anyone really believe that they will suddenly get religion and become truthful and govern in such a way that will benefit everyone?

Is that how Obama has governed in his attempts to pick winners and losers?

It is often said that it is our “duty” and our “responsibility” to vote, and that we should “exercise our right to vote”, but is it wise to cast your ballot even if you don’t know who you’re voting for?

It can't be stressed strongly enough, the need to know the character and integrity of those we place in office. So today, if you haven’t done your homework and fully examined all the candidates for the various offices, then do yourselves, your family, your friends, your community, and society as a whole a favor… stay home!


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