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Doing what you can NOW: New Moon in Virgo August 25, 2014

Doing what you can NOW


What does it all mean? Well, that's where Virgo is going to give you a hand in seeing the details and putting things in to place!
Tonight as the sun sets, allow yourself to gaze at the dark sky. The moon, much like our potential is truly there just not visible to the naked eye! Proceed as IF you see your possibilities. Take a moment to visualize, even in great detail.

The NEW MOON always represents new beginnings and seeding new intentions that open new pathways and attract new ventures into your life! Allow this energy of the "new" to bring a regeneration into your life, I think you might be needing it!
Virgo is the sign of the Virgin. Literally it means, "one who is whole onto himself/herself."

Keeper of the hearth this sign speaks to us of routine in service of productivity, details that are needed to create the vision and the day to day aspects of your health, home and everyday workplace.

IF you don't like what you see when you look at the outer or inner world, change it. It's time to adjust your perspective and thereby changing your experience in the world.

It is time for conscious choice and SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT.

What does it mean? Maya Angelou said," When we know better, we must do better."

SO you've been in yoga training, traveled to exotic locales to find yourself and maybe have seen a bunch of shamans, healers and holistic coaches ( and/or are one yourself!)…and now that you KNOW better, the Universe is holding you to doing better.
That doesn't mean you are not perfect the way you are It doesn't mean you are lacking.

What it means now that some of your veils of forgetfulness have fallen off and you've RE-MEMBERED who you are or at least alot of your truth…it's time to apply and execute this to the life you are living NOW.

NOT when you've had 5 more lifetimes or three more certifications. NOW. After all, isn't that the moment with the most possibilities?

SO don't keep waiting till you are "perfect" or "cooked" or whatever that means. Just step in and ask," WHat would I do if my house was in ORDER? and what do I need to BELIEVE, BE and/or DO for that to be SO?"

Exhale…it can be as simple as cleaning house. Organizing your books or restructuring your business in some away. Updating your website or home. Changing and placing order so that your wildest dreams have a place to skyrocket from! It's a great time to purge, cleanse, release and press RESTART.

It's ALL about getting your LAUNCHING PAD ready to GO!!!

Sending love to you COSMONAUTS! It's gonna be fun if you allow it to be!
SO allow it to be! Before FLIGHT there are preliminaries and plans to be practiced and set in place. You get it, I know it!

See you soooooon!

much love, V

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