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Doing the right thing: Moose is back home

Thanks to a wonderful lady who was determined to do the right thing, Moose is back home with his family.
Fran Chabek

Moose, the beautiful black and white Japanese Chin who decided to go to the Anderson Fair unaccompanied by his family is back home thanks to the efforts of a wonderful lady from Central, who doesn't want her name made public.

Moose slipped out of his back yard Saturday afternoon. As soon as Moose's "mom" Fran Chabek discovered Moose was missing, she began searching for him both in the area in person, and on social media. By Saturday evening, Chabek had received just one Moose sighting: he was seen leaving the Anderson County Fair in the arms of a child, who was with his family.

Chabek's initial reaction was gratitude towards the family who found him; bad things can happen to a little dog wandering the busy streets of Anderson. But as the hours went by, Chabek began to worry that she'd never see Moose again. Moose was not wearing his collar, and was not microchipped, so finding Moose depended on somehow locating the family that had Moose so that they could return him.

By Sunday evening, there was a little more news about Moose. Saturday afternoon, a woman had taken a dog that closely resembled Moose in to Banfield Pet Hospital to be scanned for a microchip. That was encouraging news. It meant that whoever had found Moose was actively looking for his family.

Chabek placed an ad in the Anderson Independent on Monday morning; Monday morning, an ad was placed on Craigslist reporting that a Pekingese had been found in Anderson and requesting that the owner call to identify him. This was an extremely wise move on behalf of the woman who found Moose. By not posting too many details about him, she would be able to ensure that he went to his real home, and not to a puppy flipper.

Later on Monday, the woman who found Moose drove him to Chabek's home in Anderson for a very happy reunion.

Moose's finder is a refreshing breath of fresh air in a world that at times seems more than a little crazy. Not only did she rescue the poor dog from the streets, but she immediately set out to find his owner, and she did so in a way that showed thought and wisdom. This woman has set a wonderful example for her children and grandchildren.

In fact, she has set a wonderful example for all of us. Her determination to do the right thing ensured that Moose returned home and made his family very happy.

I think we all owe this lady a "thank you".

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