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Doing the Groundwork

Window on the world
Lisa van Eyssen

Time marches on and progress moves us in the direction of ever more elaborate creature comforts. Thirty years ago, Santa Monica was a sleepy center of sand, sun and deserted shop fronts. Today, there are so many places that are generating good vibes that you can easily find a locale to just sit and hang out. And this begs the question, is it always necessary to have a coffee shop where you are going for the coffee?

I'll explain. Recently, the hip coffee chain GROUNDWORK moved into the Montana avenue neighborhood. Yes, you may ask, do we need yet another java hut on the street? Well, this is a hut of cathedral-style light, recycled wood and cool grey/blue walls. They have designed the store for the coffee lover to drink out of mocha colored cups, while typing on laptops, tablets and phone devices in rhythm with a continual parade of dogs, strollers and yoga outfitted crowds.

Those who love coffee have their favorites and it is hard to get them to switch allegiance. GROUNDWORK coffee is fine yet not as intense as PEETS dark roast or Intelligensia. But in the new shop at 16th and Montana it hardly matters. Kick back and enjoy the high glass windows and the perfect southwest facing sidewalk. This is where experience matters and the sipping can follow.

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