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Doing homework instead of playing video games

Example of writing assignments on televison
Example of writing assignments on televison
Christine Smith

“Turn off the video game and do your homework.” Parents say these words so often that it’s probably easier to record it and play it continuously until they graduate from high school. But all it takes to get your child to get off the games is a dry erase marker and a paper towel. This system does depend on a parent’s ability to find out what their child has for homework each day.
With the dry erase marker, make a list of what the child has to do before they’re allowed to play the games on the television. As your child finishes each assignment, you erase it. Your child will have to show you the completed work in order for you to erase the list it. This removes the temptation of your child erasing it with the promise to their self to do it later.
Keep the list centered as much as possible. It’s easier to play a game or watch a show when there’s writing on the top or bottom of the screen, but it’s virtually impossible when there’s a math assignment reminder across the middle.
This tip doesn’t just work for school children. It’s a great way to stop yourself from watching your favorite television show when you want to get a few things finished before you sit down to watch it.