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Doing a common thing uncommonly well (and other info)

The simple strategy of the abovementioned title has been used to great success by many industry leaders-and you can, too.

developing business skills
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Doing a common thing uncommonly well is how a lot of businesses got started (Donald Trump’s real estate ventures, for example). And when you’re able to do this, word gets out. The great thing about developing a skill is that you don’t always have to acquire a license or wait several years for a degree. You can start now or whenever you’re ready (the key focus here is what you’re already good at).

What is the one (or several) common thing that you have a knack or passion for? Are you a computer whiz? Do you excel at customer service? Are you a great cook?
Start and continue to work on getting better at it. For when you get to the point that your skill becomes a “work of art”, and the most important thing in the world, you will become someone so desirable that employers will definitely want to hire.

Make the most out of what you have and get the most out of it. Milk your natural, God-given talent (or talents) for all it’s worth.

Additional Info

Did you know that the mind is the most powerful device for change that exists? And this is often why cycles of poverty are hard to break. If one’s born into poverty and everything about that particular environment keeps reflecting nothing back but more poverty and lack of initiative, that person can actually develop and form a mindset that this is their universe, their lot in life (and it’s very hard to change to an alternative image of oneself as having success or being prosperous). And for those that are able to “break out”, they’re often harassed over it (the “misery loves company” syndrome) as being a tool or puppet of “the man” (since when is striving to be the best you can and being successful exclusive to one group only?).

Source: “In the Spirit of Business” by Robert Roskind, 1992

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