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Doha explosion death toll rises to 12

Doha explosion death toll rises to 12.
CC Wikimedia Commons

Doha explosion death toll has risen to twelve people so far. A natural gas tank burst on top of a restaurant in Qatar's capital city. According to New Kerala on Feb. 28, twelve were killed and thirty people were injured in the blast.

All 12 reported killed were Asians or Arabs, said the head of Qatar's police force Maj Gen Saad al-Khulaifi, adding some of the injured were seriously hurt.

The Doha explosion occurred near a major shopping center at the Istanbul Restaurant. The Turkish restaurant partially collapsed and shrapnel was thrown 160 feet away from the blast site. The restaurant had recently opened after a series of extensive renovations were done.

It appears that the Doha explosion was not related to terrorism and is being treated as an accident so far. it is not yet clear what ignited the tank. Authorities promise a full and expeditious investigation of the incident.

Doha is the capital of a small, but very wealthy Gulf Arab state. It is home to many expatriate workers as well. In fact the majority of its residents are from other countries. Over 60 percent of Qatar's population lives here. It is also a modern and relatively safe city.

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