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Dogster and Catster issue email to continue their community-based website

Catster/Dogster email February 13

It was released in al all-paws email bulletin on February 13 that Dogster and Catster will not be shutting down their Community webpages.Say Media, the parent company behind Catster and Dogster, are developing a new plan with a new partner to keep all of the favorite member features running by developing a plan with a new partner.

This will allow both sites to continue to bring cat and dog lovers together. The email stated in part

"A few weeks ago millions of members were saddened by the news that Community area were being eliminated. This led to mass hysteria by the Dogster and Catster fans, who began complaining to anyone who would listen. This huge community of dog and cat lovers brought about this statement in their announcement

You rallied, and refused to give up on us. You voiced your dismay to anyone who would listen. And you know what? It worked. Today we can tell you that we are no longer shutting down the Community areas of Dogster and Catster on March 3 as was initially planned."

A petition was started on Care2, urging Say Media to save this community of pet lovers.

Personally, I belong to Catster and Dogster, and hated the thought that a major online source to meet other dog and cat lovers was coming to an end. I wasn't as interested in the articles produced, although they both have excellent topics, as I was in making friends who share the same love of animals I do.

The basic Dogster and Catster member ship is free. I'm enrolled in the premium service, where for $3.50 per month, I can add more photos and videos than is offered in the basic service. I also receive extra zealies, which are "gifts" that can be exchanged between pets.

Plus it's fun to get a "friend request" from a dog or cat, and to check on who made "cat of the day" or "diary of the day." My cat Sheela has made both, and I was a proud cat mama to see her featured on the community page.

For reader entertainment, I've listed a few of my Dogster/Catster links following this article.

How do you feel about Catster and Dogster? Regardless, the ability to save a dog, a cat or a company using social media is shown here by the members who pulled together to save one of the best pet sites out there.

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