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Dogs vs. Cats

Cleo and Fect get along fine.
Cleo and Fect get along fine.
Zen Paws

When it comes to dogs and cats getting along the amazing thing is that sometimes they actually do. They seem to be natural enemies the way cats and mice are. Their   communication styles   are so different as to be almost exactly opposite.

There is no logical reason for them to get along, yet, by some miracle they often do and pet owners can encourage this with the right actions.

It starts with the premise that the cat is always right. No matter what the cat is doing to the dog, consider it justified. Unfair as it may seem, dogs should not be allowed to retaliate.

In a fight between a dog and a cat the cat is rarely ever the winner, they often end up hospitalized or worse. When forced to choose a side in a fight, error on the side of the cat. Cats can’t do much harm to most dogs. (The exception to this is dogs with protruding eyes.)

Praise your dog when he is being gentle and tolerant of your cat and guide interactions with clear directions; a soft “easy, gentle”, works wonders.

If your cat seems too rough with your dog or especially aggressive, seek professional help. Many dog trainers, like me, work with cats also.



  • Tracy B Ann 4 years ago

    Examiner is full of glitches these days but click on the pictures under the "Slideshow" headline and you'll see larger versions of each picture with captions.

    The attached video shows dogs and cats doing the improbable - getting along!

  • kbesley 4 years ago

    I am very fortunate for my dog and 4 cats (at the time) have always gotten along wonderfully!!!!

  • Eve Alexander - Animal Training Examiner 4 years ago

    What I have found after several decades of having dogs and cats in the home together is - the day the cat learns not to run from the dogs, everything changes. When the cat runs, the dogs chase - not maliciously per se, but because dogs are prey animals and it is their instinctual nature to chase things that move. Sooner or later every cat we've owned has decided to try not running. After that day, no more problems.

  • Rachel Friedman - Pet Training Examiner 4 years ago

    My cats think they are very cool dogs. They come when i call them, walk along with the dogs in the middle of the sidewalk, meander at ease with dogs who are unfamiliar with their species, a very frequent occurrence in my line of work, and educate the masses. They know I am the benevolent leader, even though sometimes I have to put hydrogen peroxide on their boo boos. Sometimes they kill shrews and mice too.

  • kbesley 4 years ago

    My cat does think he is a dog. I caught him growling at the postal carrier yesterday!!!!!

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