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Dogs urgently in need of rescue after rescuer attempts suicide

An overwhelmed rescuer in Eustace, Texas, attempted suicide on Saturday - the woman is currently hospitalized and fighting for her life, and the animals which were in her care are in desperate need of a place to go.

Dogs in need of rescue after rescuer attempts suicide
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Dogs in need
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Other independent rescuers are scrambling to help, but time is not on their side. On Sunday, one woman who is trying to help assist with the rescue effort relayed the following information to the National Dog News Examiner:

All animals will be turned over to animal control this evening sometime is what I am being told. The house is not safe for them to stay in and nobody lives close enough to go by and check on them regularly. A few animals have gone to other rescues, but most are still there. At last count, 28 dogs & 18 cats.

According to individuals who are familiar with the rescuer, the problem of too many animals and not enough help has been ongoing, and it had reached the point of being completely overwhelming. In the past, on multiple occasions, the rescue had reached out for help, but the help that she needed never came.

For the sake of the rescuer and her family, the name of the rescue organization, and the individual who ran the rescue, are being kept private. The slideshow which is included shows just a few of the dogs who are in need of somewhere to go.

Anyone who is able to assist with one of the animals in need is asked to contact: Kelly at, or Carissa at

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