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Give a little MOJO toward Natural health

Do a little dance for health
Do a little dance for health

Timothy says "Do a Little Dance" for natural health ! It Rocks !

We need your help for the future health for all animals.

The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation is the only organization specifically dedicated to supporting research in holistic veterinary medicine.

The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation (AHVMF) is a group of dedicated integrative veterinarians who are pioneers in the advancement of complementary and alternative veterinary medicine (CAVM). They are the only organization supporting education, scholarships, and research and integrative holistic veterinary medicine.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association's (AVMA) 2012 U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook, there are 84,914,000 companion animal (dog, cat, bird, horse) owners in the United States! If only 1% or approximately one million of these people donate just $12 (equivalent to $1 a month-or less than a cup of coffee a day) the AMERICAN HOLISTIC VETERINARY MEDICAL FOUNDATION (AHVMF) would have $12,000,000 this year available to help our beloved pets with integrative research and education!!! Just in time for tax refunds …

Today please make a pledge, I know that we as animal lovers have so many foundations we want to help, but for as little as $12, this donation can travel a long road, which can help thousands and thousands of animals.

We ask you to make a donation as little as $12 for the year which equals just $1 dollar a month .

Of course any donation would be appreciated. We want this work to be continued as it will change “health” possibilities as we know it.

Click on the AHVM Foundation Web site donation page and give anything you can toward a naturally healthy future that may one day change the course in your animal’s life.

Looking for a Holistic Vet? Visit:

Thank you so much for caring and sharing

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