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"Dogs of Edina" art exhibition seeks participants


AP Photo/Amy Sancetta

Artist Jessie Marianiello, of Stray Dog Arts Pet Portraiture, is seeking pet dog participants to become part of her upcoming exhibition, "Dogs of Edina", the third in an ongoing series of projects.

Deeply rooted in a celebration of community and reflecting a sense of place, Jessie is fascinated by the way in which neighborhood dogs reflect the people who live in them and will even create common ground between those who might otherwise remain strangers.

Dogs who live, work, or play in the Edina, Minnesota, area and are interested in taking part in this exhibition are encouraged to contact the artist, who is offering 20% off her regular commission prices for participating dogs.

For more info: email (, call (612-532-9084), or visit ( Stray Dog Arts soon to reserve your spot.
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