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Dogs-no matter their past-you love them just the same

All 3 dogs relaxing together and best of friends.
All 3 dogs relaxing together and best of friends.
Gretchen Wade

Rescue dogs or those who find themselves in shelters are there for a variety of reasons. Some reasons can be legitimate, but most are not. People give up dogs for almost no reason at all. The truth is that owners often become disillusioned with pets once they see how much work they are or training they need. When those adorable puppies grow up and are less cute than they were as babies or much larger than an owner anticipated, they are in risk of being surrendered owners.

Thankfully, there are people like Gretchen W. and her family that are there to rescue pets. They have two rescued puppies Maus and Luna. They already had a Mastiff puppy they had earlier bought from a breeder. Gretchen’s family decided early on this puppy needed a playmate. Puppies were chosen because of two sons under five and they wanted to train them to be good with kids instead of a dog already with problems.

Gretchen said, “Since we knew how many thousands shelter dogs and needy dogs on Craigslist and in rescues there were just in our city alone we decided we should adopt one of those.” After a search on the Humane Societies’ web page, Gretchen discovered an 8 week old puppy supposed to be a Mastiff. Her husband was sent down immediately to adopt this puppy. Someone discovered this young pup just wondering the streets of Pueblo and brought him to the shelter.

This owner said Maus is no Mastiff and at 6 months old only weighs 50 pounds. His funny legs give him a humorous look, but they love him “even more because of it.” They like to call him their super mutt as when a DNA test was done, they said he was too mixed to determine breed.

The first thing this rescuing family did was to put this puppy in Puppy classes along with their Mastiff. They have become fast friends even sleeping together.

The next dog came from Fort Collins where a pregnant stray dog was scheduled to be euthanized, but was saved by a foster home. She gave birth there and stayed with her new babies for 8 weeks until they were ready for homes. The puppy’s photos were posted online and once again she sent her husband to adopt this one from one of Petcos shelter dog events. This one showed after a DNA test that she is Boxer American Stafford and Rottweiler mix. Gretchen noted her mom is still looking for a good home and still being fostered.

She counts Luna as a “total blessing to our family.” Luna graduated from Puppy Kindergarten just the other evening and at 4 months old is gorgeous and receives compliments all the time.

Gretchen’s family is talking about trying a senior dog in the future since the shelters contain so many of these animals and no-one wants to adopt them. Their boys will be older than also.

Gretchen reminds us that 25 % of shelter dogs are actually pure bred and just given up by impatient people. She says “It’s heartbreaking. We love our purebred boy just as much as our mixed breeds, a dog are a dog is a dog.”

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