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Dogs involved in fatal mauling, and 7 puppies, may be destroyed

One of the dogs seized after fatal mauling of jogger
One of the dogs seized after fatal mauling of jogger
Lapeer County S.O.

According to Wednesday's, if the Lapeer County Prosecutor's Office is granted their request, ten dogs may be destroyed following the fatal mauling of a jogger which took place last week in Metamora, Mich.

Two, three-year-old Cane Corsos attacked and killed 46-year-old Craig Sytsma of Livonia; Sytsma was out for a run on the evening of July 23 when the unrestrained dogs launched their attack. Shortly after Sytsma's death, the owner of the dogs delivered them to the Lapeer County Animal Control where they remain today.

Now, it appears that the sins of the dogs' owners, as well as of the offending dogs, may result in the death of seven puppies and another adult dog who lived at the residence. On Friday, an adult dog, not involved in the attack, and the litter of puppies, were seized and taken to animal control; the prosecutor's office wants them all to be put down.

Lapeer County Animal Control Chief Carla Frantz has stated that the puppies have not shown any signs of aggression, but pointed to the dogs' lineage as a key factor in the possible decision to end their lives. Frantz told Mlive:

They are coming from the same line that has killed somebody,"

"That's important.

The two dogs who were involved in the fatal mauling are believed to have been involved in earlier attacks on individuals who happened upon them over the past two years. The dogs belong to Valbona Lucaj and Sebastiano Quagliata, who have been cited in the past because of bites inflicted on passersby from their dogs.

According to the prosecutor, their office was never informed of the incidents or they would have taken action.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the dogs' owners may face criminal prosecution as a result of the fatal mauling. If convicted, they could spend up to 15 years in prison.

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