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Dogs get man's goose and now need new home fast

These dogs really got his goose. At least that's what the story is.

These dogs got a man's goose, and have worn out their welcome at his home.  Really.  Now they need a new home.  They get along with pretty much everyone and everything.  Except geese.  They need a goose-free home.
Jeanne Johnson,
Two Oconee County dogs need a new goose-free home asap after chasing goose
Jeanne Johnson

It may sound amusing but the fate two dogs in Oconee County face as a consequence of chasing and killing their owner's goose is far from funny. Apparently their owners do not appreciate the sport of goose chasing, and these two dogs need a new home urgently or there days are numbered.

China is a 3 year old heeler mix. Dobie, a terrier mix, is still very much a puppy at six months of age.

Both seem to be good tempered. Jeanne Johnson, a volunteer with Oconee Rescue, says that China is great with people, children, and other dogs. Dobie "is a pup, seems to be good with everything," says Johnson.

It does sound like they don't get along well with geese, so a goose-free home is preferred. Otherwise they may get your goose too.

Johnson is actively looking for a new home for these two dogs, but a foster home or even another rescue would give these dogs a new chance at life.

If you can help Johnson with these dogs please message her on Facebook, email, or call The Pet Spa at 864-710-0277.

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