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DOGS Fall 2013 T-shirts

(1 of 2) DOGS Fall 2013 T-shirt.
(1 of 2) DOGS Fall 2013 T-shirt.
Johnny Ortez-Tibbels

Dachshund Outreach Giving and Socialization (DOGS) debuted its Fall 2013 T-shirt this weekend. Back by popular demand, the charity features two longhair dachshund designs. Additionally, it is offering a reprint option of its smooth dachshund T-shirt initially released in late May which sold out in two months. The charity is accepting pre-orders for one week only for a discounted donation.

(1 of 2) DOGS Fall 2013 T-shirt.
Johnny Ortez-Tibbels (courtesy of Sugar Bear Designs)

The charity promises to eventually showcase all three different coat types of the low-riding hound. Since the smooth coat is the most common it was the first. The longhair is the second most popular in the U.S., and makes it debut this Fall. In a nice surprise, the nonprofit is offering two longhair designs. DOGS asserts quality longhair dachshund apparel is rare and wanted to give its fans a few choices.

Moreover, the charity affirms the shirts are more about the fans and its appreciation for their continued support than making money. The shirts apparently only yield a minimum profit for the charity, but since the fans love them the charity is committed to providing them. It is a great way to raise some money, while doing something fun for all of the DOGS’ enthusiasts.

The shirts will be ready for delivery in early November (right in time for the holidays), and the charity is accepting pre-orders now for a small discounted donation. If you make a tax-deductible donation this week of $35 you can guarantee your size and choice of design(s). The charity is also offering a discount when buying two shirts; give $50 and get two. Learning from last time, DOGS is also accepting requests for 3XL for a few extra bucks; $39. To make your donation click here. Please be certain to note what shirt(s) and size you want. If you fail to do so during the Paypal transaction, just send an email afterwards.

Like the last round of selling tees, the shirts will be available only in limited quantities and will go on a first serve first come basis. Once a size is sold out it’s gone forever – which is why the organization is giving folks a chance to secure theirs now. When the shirts arrive in November they will be available for a donation of $40 or more with no promises of any other discounts; it is certainly to your advantage to order now.

The shirts are made in the USA and are unisex. The shirts are collaboration between the charity and Sugar Bear Designs (of Colorado). Last time shirts shipped to over 22 different states and received raved reviews. Many considered them wearable art featuring an original, one-of-a-kind design.