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Dogs eating marijuana: Denver vets see rise in dogs eating weed, odd symptoms

Dogs eating marijuana: Denver vets see influx of dogs getting into owner's stash.
Photo by Gary Gershoff

Vets are seeing an influx of dogs eating marijuana in Denver, which is conveyed in year-long study by vets in the Denver area. The odd symptoms for dogs after ingesting weed last much longer in dogs than the stoned symptoms in humans. The veterinarians in the Denver area are mostly seeing dogs that have gotten into their owners baked pot goods, according to on Feb. 26.

The symptoms seen in dogs that have eaten their owner’s weed range from disorientation to seizures and even temporary comas. One symptom seen in almost all of the dogs is incontinence after they’ve ingested a good deal of pot or pot products.

The symptoms of pot last for days in dogs, not hours. It is a good 72 hours up to 96 hours before the pot leaves their system. Vets are seeing dogs every week that have gotten into the marijuana of their owners.

Sometimes it is discovered during a routine checkup and sometimes the dogs are seen on an emergency basis, after their sometimes frightening symptoms have shown up, reports CBS Local.

There is an antidote for dogs that have ingested marijuana, but the owners need to get the dogs there as soon as possible, “before it’s too late,” said Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald and his colleagues recently embarked on a year-long study in Colorado tracking marijuana exposure in dogs. If your dog gets into marijuana, call your vet immediately, “don’t wait,” said Fitzgerald. Dog owners need to keep marijuana and all the products containing weed out of reach of dogs.

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