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Dogs, drugs and kids found inside of filthy hoarder house

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According to Friday's publication of the New York Daily News, two young children, 15 pit bulls, drugs and drug paraphernalia and piles of garbage, were discovered inside of a Polk County, Fla., house this week.

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On Wednesday, the Polk County Sheriff's Office issued a release about the deplorable conditions which were found inside of Dustin Deck and Katie Renner's home on Tuesday. The Sheriff's Office detailed the shocking find, stating:

When deputies entered the home they discovered “deplorable conditions.” There were 7 adult pit-bull dogs and 8 pit-bull puppies inside and outside the home, dog feces in the living areas (next to children’s toys), urine stained carpet, dirty dishes, upon which was rotting food, flies, and cockroaches, stale food on a baby’s highchair, a baggie of marijuana and smoking pipe sitting out on a living room table, marijuana in the bedroom, dead flies and cockroaches in a child’s room, dirty laundry on the floors, cluttered conditions, damaged walls, and dirty carpets, walls, and bathrooms.

Deputies arrested 28-year-old Deck, and 27-year-old Renner and the young children, who are just 18-months- old, and five-years-old, were placed in the custody of a relative.

Deputies who entered the home stated that the smell of dog feces, urine and rotting food was "over-whelming." Renner told the deputies that she did not see a problem with the conditions inside of the home. According to the arrest affidavit, she told the deputies that the conditions inside of the house were "appropriate," and that the children were "happy." She also admitted to smoking marijuana inside of the residence and did not hide the fact that marijuana was inside of the house when the deputies were there.

The dogs, which consisted of seven adult pit bulls, and eight puppies, showed signs of neglect. The dogs were lacking fresh water and they were forced to live in an area that did not have adequate protection from the heat. All of the dogs were seized by animal control.

According to the authorities, Deck is charged with child neglect (2 counts), possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, domestic violence battery, and assault on a law enforcement officer. Renner is charged with child neglect (2 counts), possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, animal cruelty (15 counts), battery on a law enforcement officer, and tampering with evidence.

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