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Dogs do get cabin fever over long winter months

As much as we love the indoors, the cold and snow, we also love to play and be free outdoors!
As much as we love the indoors, the cold and snow, we also love to play and be free outdoors!
Which way to the fireplace?? by sgv cats and dogs

We are all recovering from one of the most extensive and longest of winters, inflicting many months of cabin fever. Not only do we as humans suffer this infamous condition, our dogs can do the same. Yes, dogs do suffer from cabin fever. Check in with your local Rockford-area veterinarian as listed below or one closest to your home fo find out more about dogs with cabin fever.

Cabin fever is classified as a bored, restless feeling that sets in after spending a great deal of time indoors as you do when struggling through a long, cold harsh winter. This is when humans experience it the most although dogs can as well. The problem is that your sweet, highly-intelligent canine can get bored and boredom can lead to distruction and misbehavior.

So what does your dog do during bouts of cabin fever and how can you help prevent boredom issues in your pet. Their boredom can escalate when being cooped up for extensive periods of time because there is no outlet for your dog’s pent-up energies. Such issues can involve dogs of all ages although older pets are more frequently affected. There are ways to overcome cabin fever for you and your pet(s).

Some dogs, especially those used to the indoor life seem to become more affectionate when you are both spending more time together. However, dogs that love to be outdoors on a regular basis struggle with the indoor lifestyle. These types of dogs find the outdoor life to be more adventurous. These are the guys you have to be really cautious with since too many of them end up at the vet’s office due to ingesting things around the home because they got bored.

To avoid such problems with a bored pet, ensure there are a choice amount of toys and puzzle games to keep him or her busy. Choose toys that you can enjoy together; a Frisbee, ball to play fetch or a rope toy for a friendly game of tug-of-war. Give your dog squeak and cuddly type toys, appropriate for its size and chewing capabilities. You don’t want to give a pitbull a tiny chew toy that could easily get destroyed and eaten just as you would not give a Chihuahua a huge chew bone he cannot even carry.

Puzzle toys are a great choice for dogs that are left idle for periods of time when you go to work or other lengthy errands away from home. Puzzle toys have the capability to keep your pet quite busy since you would put a tasty treat within the toy for your dog to attempt to retrieve. The dog will spend hours working at getting the treat out, stimulating its brain and other energies until success! For best results, have several puzzle toys on hand and switch them off each day so you do not give your pet the same one each day.

Before leaving your dog home for the day, it is always advisable to take your dog for a walk or jog to run off some pent up energies prior to your departure. Then you can give your pet a treat-filled puzzle game and some sturdy, fun toys and chew bones to keep busy with in your absence, because a busy dog is a happy dog that will will full of excitement when you return. And your house should still be in the same condition as you left! Bye bye cabin fever and boredom!

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