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Dogs could potentially cause tech disasters

Cords can be as dangerous for dogs as dogs are for the technology that are powered by those cords.

SquareTrade, a protection plan provider, recently conducted a survey about tech disasters that can potentially take place during summer months. Sadly enough, our four-legged companions could potentially be a part of the disaster.

If these disasters occur, many precious vacation memories could be lost – especially since more and more people are utilizing their smart phones in addition to their digital cameras. The worst thing is that summertime activities provide endless opportunities to drop and break these beloved devices during summer getaways.

The survey showed that 40% of vacation-related device damage happens to cameras with smartphones making up 31% of summer tech blunders. As far as larger devices, 11% of accidents happen to laptops and 10% to tablets. People that take their cell phones to the beach sadly discover that sand and technology are not a good fit. Approximately one in four individuals (25%) that take a mobile device* to the beach have damaged the device.

As far as pet damage to technology, the survey revealed that:

· 28 million pet owners have had a pet damage a device – power cords are the most common part of the device that is damaged as pets like to chew on cords

· Cell phones make up almost one-third of damaged devices

· Male dogs are 86% more likely to damage devices than female dogs are

· Pet parents are helping their pets adjust to technology and are even comfortable using technology around their pets. Eighteen percent of those surveyed stated that they have “talked” to their pet on Skype or FaceTime.

The human blunders can be remedied by adjusting the care taken to prevent disasters from occurring. This may be the suggestion since the Fourth of July weekend is rapidly approaching. As far as pet disasters, you will have to control this as our dogs rely on us to keep them safe from harm and to teach them right from wrong. It is truly important not only for the safety of technological devices but the safety of the pets, too!

It is dangerous for pets to chew on technology cords as they can get electrocuted if they happen to chew through the protective coating down to the wires where electricity passes through to give the device power. More than one pet has lost their life to this type of disaster.

We are days away from this very popular family celebration. You would not want to lose the memories forever just because you did not heed the warnings of SquareTrade by reading through the results of their important survey.

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