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Dogs chew through wall to escape house, man charged with animal cruelty

Stop Animal Abuse
Stop Animal Abuse

Yet another case of animal abuse in the North Country came to light yesterday when three dogs managed to escape a house by chewing through the wall of a mudroom. According to an article in the Watertown Daily Times, a neighbor called the police after spotting the animals.

John R. McCracken, 27, has been cited with three counts of animal cruelty for neglecting to provide appropriate food and care for the dogs. He was given an appearance ticket and will answer the charges in Town Court.

When New York State Police arrived they found the three dogs were severely emaciated and malnourished. A check of the house revealed they were living in unsanitary conditions. Jefferson County Dog Control took the dogs to the pound, where they will be evaluated and receive veterinary care.

It is unclear why Mr. McCracken of 31744 Burnt Rock Road, Cape Vincent, failed to care for the dogs and whether he will be allowed to retain them.

This case is, unfortunately, only one of many that have been reported in the North Country this winter. Indeed, the majority of abuse cases go unreported or are taken care of "under the radar" and away from the eyes of the general public. Groups such as the Jefferson County SPCA and the newer Ninjas Against Animal Cruelty (NAAC) are constant advocates for the well-being of animals in the Watertown community and beyond.

Thankfully, concerned individuals and organizations such as New York's Animal Advocacy Day continue to lobby for stronger laws against animal cruelty, the creation of a statewide animal abuse registry and removing animal cruelty law from Agriculture and Markets law to the criminal system to allow for easier interpretation and stronger charges. Abusers could be more easily charged with felonies rather than the frequent misdemeanors in cases of sometimes horrendous abuse and neglect.

“Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight.”
― Albert Schweitzer (Theologian)

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