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Dogs can't figure out magician's trick: Viral video captures cute K9 confusion

There are some great videos on YouTube and quite a few of them have something to do with animals. And although cats seem to have gotten the lion's share of Internet video attention over the years, there are some excellent videos starring dogs. Such is a clip recently went viral where a magician uses sleight of hand to on man's best friend. The reactions are not only cute but oddly evoke sympathy for the dogs being tricked by the man with something, then nothing, in his hand.

Trending Now at Yahoo News posted a video March 24 that captured magician Jose Ahonen testing the bonds of trust between humans and dogs. He started out with a treat in hand, then, when the dogs would commit to going for the treat, would make the treat disappear. The dogs reactions were, in a word, priceless.

The results were quite remarkable and doggone hilarious. This video will add itself to the pantheon of cute animal videos.

Called "Magic for Dogs," it was first uploaded to YouTube last week (March 21) and has since pulled in nearly 7 million views.

After you've viewed the cute antics of the confused fur-faces and find yourself feeling a bit sorry for all the pooches whose naiveté was severely taken advantage of, it is only fair that you should know that the dogs all received treats before and after the trick was performed, according to the caption on the original dog trick video.

(Note: Puns appearing in the article were entirely intended for your reading pleasure/displeasure. You're welcome.)

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