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Dogs Are Not Just Man’s Best Friend

She's spoiled rotten that's for sure
She's spoiled rotten that's for sure

I recently met a lady named Samantha. She has a huge passion for her Miniature Dachshund, Molly. Molly came into her life as a pup when her grandfather passed away, and just so happened that the little pup and her grandfather shared the same birthday!
I asked Samantha to share a story about Molly with me and she replied, “On Christmas my husband and I got her a "Bumble" (abominable snowman off Rudolph) chew toy and I squeaked it and hid it in my pocket and she went nuts trying to get it. So after she got it and ran off to play with it my husband was opening his stocking and Molly decides to run up and try to take the stocking from him to play with it. I had forgotten that when she was younger we used to put her toys and treats in a stocking for her to "open". I never thought that she would remember that, but she did. So needlessly to say my husband gave up his stocking.” See how smart our little fur babies can be.
I also asked Samantha if little Molly was a rescue she answered, “Molly was not a rescue but has rescued me many times.” How awesome is that. You can tell Samantha has a big heart for her sweet little Dachshund. Samantha also says that, “Molly is very protective. Even horseplay she gets all bent out of shape. When a child is around her guard goes up higher. And she doesn't like for them to get out of her site. Although she is awesome guard dog she can sometimes just not want to be, messed with.” At least Samantha has nothing to worry about if anyone comes near her house Molly will be ready to pounce.
Samantha met her best friend when she was just a child and Miss Molly has been with her since she was a little girl. Samantha also says, “She is my best friend and anytime I'm feeling down I just look at her and pick her up and hold her and it makes everything better. My husband has also grown much attached to her. She's our "baby girl". Animals are great friends they just listen and they can’t tell all your secrets while feeling your heart with joy!
Samantha also shared some interesting facts about her little sweet pea. “Molly is a miniature dachshund. Her birthday is 11-27-99. She is registered. She and I both are from Wythe County, VA. She loves to "go for a ride". She is very cold natured and she loves to snuggle under a blanket. She's nosey. She thinks she's a Great Dane. In her old age, she still likes to play. She loves to sunbathe. She thinks all stuffed toys are hers. She loves mighty dog canned food. She loves to be put in the bed with you, but if she can't get in urban bed she likes to be tucked in (I know she is one spoiled dog). Unfortunately, she has gum disease and has had 13 teeth removed, but she is so good spirited she acts likes there's nothing wrong. She's an angel.”
What an amazing story about a sweet little dog. Samantha and Molly are irreplaceable. Always by each other’s side, these two have a story for the world to see.

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