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Dogs and the cold temperatures

A dog watches
A dog watches
Photo by Richard Heathcote Getty Images

In the winter months, the temperature change can affect the dogs, with exception to huskies and other dogs with long hair.

The paw pads of dogs are key to keep watch with when the weather changes. The measures of prevention used to help with the elements of snow and ice is something that can also stick to the dogs paw pads. To initiate cleaning their paws afterward is important.

In the change of temperature watching for dogs, quivering and being exposed to lower temperatures is another tip because of hypothermia or even frostbite. It recommended if it is too cold for the owner, that it then is possibly too cold for the dog.

To keep them indoors in a warm environment and not to leave them outdoors on a long-term basis is offered as advice.

In El Paso,TX the temperatures can be 55 in daytime and as low as 28 in the evenings. Indeed, conditions can and most likely change during the course of winter.

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