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Dogs abandoned by young woman in busy, downtown Fort Worth

Do you recognize these dogs? A young Caucasian woman was seen on Friday letting four dogs out of her car at 7th and Trinity Bridge. Please help to find the owner of these dogs.
No Kill Fort Worth Facebook

A young woman was observed on Friday afternoon in downtown Fort Worth near 7th Street and the Trinity Bridge letting four dogs out of her car; the dogs tried desperately to climb back.

According to No Kill Fort Worth, volunteer advocates who provide alternative shelters for rescued companion animals and help to raise funds for sterilization, vaccinations, and needed medical assistance for abandoned and stray pets in the Fort Worth area, the woman just left the dogs to fend for themselves.

Two of the dogs were immediately captured and have been taken to the Humane Society of North Texas. Both dogs seem bonded, healthy, and trained.

Tragically two other dogs; a red Chow mix and a large black dog were also abandoned, and both dogs are extremely timid and have not been rescued. The black dog appears to have an injured rear leg and was observed limping.

Please help to find the owner of these dogs. It is a crime and considered animal cruelty to abandon any animal.

Please share the story of these dogs with your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family.

If anyone recognizes any of these dogs, please contact No Kill Fort Worth at

For more information and photos, follow the organization's Facebook page with information as it is shared by clicking here.

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