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Dogmobile - RV edition

Have you ever felt the lure of the open road and wanted to take your pooch with you? Well you are not alone! Lots of people buy an RV because they want to travel with their dogs.

Think about how much your dog will love traveling the countryside with you. The trick is to decide what is the best mode of transportation to achieve your nomadic dream. Is it a conversion van, a Sprinter, a travel trailer, a Class C or the big Class A?

RV sales representatives suggested a variety of options depending on what lifestyle you are trying to achieve. For full time living the motor coaches suggested were 35 feet and even up to 45 feet long. These coaches can weigh up to 25 tons — about 14 times the weight of the average car. There are options on these big coaches for slide outs and some have as many as four slides. When you are parked and all the slides are out, your living space increases dramatically. These big rigs sell for $150,000 to $5-million -- and more if your lifestyle has champagne tastes.

When you are shopping it is important to know that the value of the motorhome is going to plummet the first year. The dealers at the local RV show said a drop of 40% in value is fairly typical. Wow, that is a lot of depreciation! If you are planning on driving you'll want to factor fuel for the coach and for your towed car aka a "toad." There are lots of other fees for full-timers, including towing service insurance and mail forwarding services. It all adds up, but if you are from the northeastern or Midwestern USA and you are heading south it may be worth it.

The dogs will probably love traveling around with you, and think about how great their daily walks will be. Instead of seeing the same neighborhood day-after-day, they will get to see new locations and interesting animals like alligators. Another perk would be living somewhere that is always the right temperature. With a mobile living situation you'll be able to move to better weather anytime. Just think about that, long walks every single day! Dogs love to explore and living the RV lifestyle lets them have a continuous adventure with the people they love.

Take a look at the video and see what is out there for traveling with your dogs and let me know which style is your favorite!

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