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See also: is a new matchmaking website for dogs

DogLoveDog is a dating website for your dog
DogLoveDog is a dating website for your dog

It's "Dog Meet Dog" with new match-making website for dogs.

A new dating wesbite for dogs

Is your dog looking for love in all the wrong places?

You or your canine companion might want to check out is the first match-making dating/love website for your dog and you can use it to match by location, breed, sex and more. It functions just like a normal dating website for humans.

Think of the irony.

For decades, humans have been using dogs to make a move on a possible love interest. Like Michelle Kennedy.

Kennedy knows first-hand about locating a possible love interest because of a dog. Rollerblading in New York in Central Park one day, Kennedy came upon a man walking a cute Golden Retriever puppy. (But what Golden Retriever puppy isn't cute)

“I saw the adorable dog first,” said Kennedy, one of the founders of Leashes and Lovers, a New York-based company that runs singles mixers for dog lovers says, “ I went straight to the dog to pet her, not even noticing the blond, blue-eyed man at the other end of the leash.” Then Kennedy noticed the cute guy standing patiently nearby.

Now dogs, being the smart animals they are, are turning the tables. is easy to navigate whether you have fingers or paws and it features free dog horoscopes to go along with the members area where your pooch can look for love.

"It's important for dogs to find that life partner to go along with the life family that they live with," explains Dr. Beau Ceron, DVM. "DogLoveDog helps solve that problem." is brought to you by the makers of Tagg, a GPS enabled wearable collar for dogs/cats/pets along with being an activity tracker for your pets to see if they are getting enough exercise.