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Doggy prank attack: Worth a thousand laughs

A park full of pooches reacted hysterically to a "doggy prank," No dogs were harmed during the filming of this video, but their humans and 525,000 "likes" later, the one minute and 36 second video shows even our canine friends can be "pranked."

No dogs were harmed during this hilarious canine prank.
Freezeshot of Youtube dog prank attack

The setting was a dog park, and the prankster was a young woman hiding behind a cement planter. Her stuffed black and white dog was propped for the action, and with him was a doggy delectable treat; a huge beef bone.

And so the fun began. As soon as any visiting dog approached the stuffed decoy to get near the bone, the woman would set her stuffed pooch to barking and growling. Not knowing what to make of the stuffed dog, the visiting canines would perk up their ears, join in a "bark off," play tug of war with the bone, or even use some clever paw action in an attempt to move the delicious bait away from the prank pooch.

One dog couldn't be scared away; another dog had a "roll about" with the prankster, and still others just walked away with their noses in complete confusion, because dogs use their noses as their primary sense organ, and how could a stuffed dog smell like a real dog? The bone, however was too much of a temptation for the dogs to dwell on the conundrum.

Watch the video, and feel free to laugh.

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