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Dogfish Head Sah'Tea - A chai tea spiced ale from Dogfish head

James Rubly

To take a quote from the Dos Equis guy, I don't usually drink beer, but when I do, I drink IPAs. IPAs are the one type of beer that I really enjoy, and Dogfish Head brewery out of Delaware make some of the best, with the 90 minute IPA as one of the tastiest accessible brews, and their exceptional 120 minute IPA as a beer that is hard to find, but is a must have whenever available. As a fan of Dogfish Head, I was intrigued that they had a beer brewed with Chai Tea. Tea is my beverage of choice, I can drink it any day at any time, so I decided to try this beer. Sah'tea is in the style of a traditional Finnish beer called Sahti. Far from an IPA, this is a bitter beer with no hops, but is flavored with Juniper instead.

Sah'tea came in a 22oz bomber poured into a glass chalice. The liquid was a cloudy orange pour with little head. The aroma was spicy like a freshly brewed cup of chai tea. Tasting the beer, in the forefront was like drinking a very potent chai. That simmered down and became a very drinkable bitter beer. It became slightly sweet and citrusy after drinking it for awhile. There is definitely a ton of juniper in this beer, but no bitterness. You also get quite a punch from the 9% alcohol content.

This beer weighs in at a slight 6 IBUs, and has notes of cinnamon, clove, cardamom, more chai spice, and lots of juniper. Even though I write about tea, this beer was worth writing about, it combines two crafts, one of the art of brewing tea, and the other art of microbrewing beer and combines the two to make a delicious beer. Dogfish Head has proven that they are at the top of the beer world, I look forward to trying more from them.