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Dogalize is the best social network app for dog owners

Stay connected and share with dog lovers like you.
Stay connected and share with dog lovers like you.

Dogalize launched earlier this year and is off and running with over 40,000 users worldwide. The app was developed in Italy and launched first in Europe with great success. LaQuita Cleare, CEO for Salsera Productions, who represents Dogalize USA, likens this application as Facebook for dog lovers. It is free to download and offers a number of useful benefits for users. Dog owners are able to connect with one another, share pictures and stories, ask questions, in addition to accessing a number of resources and directories. The app was a finalist at SMAU Mob App Awards in 2013 and nominated Best Innovative App, 2014.

In a recent interview, LaQuita shared, “One of the things I love about the app is it provides a platform for dog owners to interact and learn from one another. This is important because with any community there are others who have been in the same situation or are seeking advice about a particular issue. What better source for information than a person who has a shared experience.”

Dogalize interacts with social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, allowing users to share information, experiences, photos and videos of their dog(s) with other owners. Simply, Dogalize is the best social network dedicated to man’s best friend. The application is available on Google Play or Apple App Store. Download the free app by searching DOGALIZE.

Dogalize is not an ordinary run-of-the-mill social network. This application is also the first to feature veterinary telemedicine. From the touch of a phone, users are communicating with friends, meeting other dog owners, making calls/video calls, and using geo-localization to find dog-friendly places such as parks, kennel, restaurants, hotels and pet shop in user’s areas. The Dogalize app can make a video call to a veterinarian for questions or advice. The app can provide the name and address of veterinarian offices nearby in the event a veterinarian visit is in the best interest of the dog.

Directories, postings and the call and video features are popular with users. It helps them feel connected and allows them to share the moments they are having with their special four-legged friends. In the future, Dogalize will launch a “dog dating” feature – allowing owners to arrange play-dates between their dogs (and possibly owners?).

"Video call, the free vet call, and the social network is exactly why Dogalize needs to be a part of every dog-owners' daily life," said Sara Colnago, CEO at Business Competence. "Dogs are a part of the family, and we want people to have a community that will appreciate their dog as well as support them."

User Experiences:·

  • Contact via video call a veterinarian will be availabInteract with all social networks (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, You Tube)
  • Share information, experiences, photos and videos of your dog with the other owners
  • Pinpoint the location of 4-legged friends, places and local dog-friendly playgrounds, restaurants, specialty shops, hotels, kennels, pet stores via geolocation and check-in on Google Maps
  • Communicate with friends through single chat, group chat, audio call, video call using camera
  • Share experiences and get in direct contact with other usersle
  • Display animal shelters: who they are and allowing them to enter and share images and video of abandoned dogs waiting be adopted
  • Make new friends using Dogalize
  • Learn how they take care of their dogs

PARTNER REGISTRATIONS: Kennels, Shelters, Veterinarians, Hotels, Restaurants, Pet Shops, Groomers

Shelters/animal rescues receive free listings on Dogalize

Businesses may email to be listed in the Dogalize directory. Listing a business on the Dogalize app is an economical marketing tool.

Check out Dogalize at or Twitter: dogalizeusa

This is a helpful, interesting and fun app for dog lovers. For more information, visit

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