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Dog with the word 'free' on her body has been returned to her owner

Dog with words on her body is returned to her owner
Dog with words on her body is returned to her owner
Screen shot via AJC News

According to Thursday's publication of the Los Angeles Times, the dog who was found late last week in Benicia, Calif., with the words "free," and "I need a home," written in black marker on her face and body, has been returned to her owner.

A woman from Yolo County, which is over 50 miles away from where the dog was found, recognized her dog after seeing news coverage about the apparent case of cruel abandonment. The woman, whose name has not been released, went to the Benicia Police Department with veterinary records and photos to prove that the dog was hers.

The woman told the police that the dog had disappeared at a yard sale in late June - the dog is believed to have either been stolen, or she may have ran away.

Just before the city's Fourth of July celebrations kicked off, the frightened and whimpering dog was found by Shannon Bettencourt, who found her while walking home from work; she was appalled that someone would have discarded the dog in such a callous manner.

Bettencourt took the dog home and named her "Liberty," or "Libby," and decided to keep her. Bettencourt quickly bonded with the well-behaved dog and she is reportedly "heartbroken" over having to relinquish her.

After speaking with the Yolo County woman, an animal control officer felt that the dog would be safe if she was returned to the woman's custody.

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