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Canine Lymphoma treated naturally

Happily ever after
Happily ever after

Holistic - Alternative Medicine:

The animal described below has experienced the value of integrative and holistic veterinary care. Act now to make a difference!

Thank you to the AHVM Foundation, for providing brilliant veterinarians the platform to utilize the knowledge and expertise collected, and to support their integrative endeavours to strive for better treatments for our beloved family members. There is nothing more worthy of our support.

Blu Who Had Lymphoma (letter from guardian)

When I brought my dog, Blu, into the number one canine oncology hospital in the country, they quickly diagnosed her with lymphoma.
I was told that chemo was the only option...and that it worked. I said, 'sign us up'.
Well, week one...she was lethargic and didn't eat for 4 days. When I brought her back everyone was excited that it was working. Her tumors were shrinking.

We went back and had treatment #2. The second day, she was vomiting blood and had bloody diarrhea. I brought her in so that they could keep her overnight for observation. In the evening when I went to visit, she was unable to walk and was lying in her own diarrhea which she was unable to control. I called the hospital every hour to make sure she was still alive.

Because my dog was more sensitive than many dogs, I told the doctors that we would not be continuing treatment. They assured me that she would only live for a week.

Someone had told me about an alternative doctor who used integrative medicine. I went to see him. He told me that it didn't look so good...and that as a doctor, he'd have to recommend chemo...but he'd do some special testing and see what he could do to individualize a therapy for Blu. He could not promise anything, but we decided to try. And so...I brought her in every week for different herbs and homeopathic remedies.

Blu not only lived, she thrived. She ran and jumped and hiked. It was a beautiful amazing miracle.

I will always be grateful to my integrative veterinarian for helping Blu and I. I will always do anything that I can to help spread the word of these techniques.

Abby Bluestone


This is just one of the amazing stories in the world of utilizing “holistic medicine” for quality of life

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