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Dog who was tied to a fence perished in the heat

Tethered dog died in the heat
Tethered dog died in the heat
Screen shot KHQ News

The month of July has brought high temperatures to eastern Washington, and according to the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS), a tethered dog, who was unable to escape from the scorching heat, apparently perished this week as a result.

On Tuesday, KHQ News covered the heartbreaking story about the death of the chained pit bull who succumbed to the deadly outdoor temperature.

Neighbors reached out to SCRAPS officials after seeing two pit bulls secured to a fence in the front yard of a northeast Spokane residence. The dogs did not have any shelter from the sun and there was no available water.

Though a SCRAPS official arrived within minutes of the report, it was too late for one of the dogs who sparked the initial welfare call. One dog, still alive, was panting heavily and was clearly distressed and the other was already dead and showing signs of rigor mortis.

The dogs' owner did not know that his pet had died until a SCRAPS officer knocked on the door and told him. Later, a KHQ reporter spoke with the dog's owner later and was informed that the dog who died, named "Ivan," had been sick recently; the owner was said to be "upset" over Ivan's death.

The surviving dog, named "Oz," appeared to be okay following the ordeal.

SCRAPS is investigating the incident to see if animal cruelty charges are warranted. A necropsy is being completed on the body of the pit bull who died.

Watch the KHQ News clip here.

It is crucial for all pets to be provided with adequate protection from the heat, and they must always have access to fresh, cool water.

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