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Dog who disappeared five years ago is reunited with guardian

Best Friends Veterinary Hospital via FB

For five years, there whereabouts of a boxer named "Lily," were unknown...according to Monday's WSBTV, everything changed when she was scanned for a microchip at a Braselton, Ga., veterinary hospital on Saturday.

A couple brought the now six-year-old dog into the Best Friends Veterinary Hospital on Saturday to be scanned for a microchip and thankfully, they found one. Amazingly, though the information on the chip had been input years ago, it was still valid and it led to her owner, who had lost her five years ago, when she was just a year of age.

The manager of the veterinary hospital, Stacy Yarberry, described the reaction from the man on the receiving end of the call:

“The man teared up. He was like ‘Are you kidding me? My dog has been missing for five years!’ His wife started bawling in the background. They were so happy and so stunned.”

Lily's guardian, Marcus Finster, drove to pick up his long-lost dog and she immediately recognized him; amazingly, when she returned home, she still remembered where her water bowl was.

When Lily disappeared years ago, Finster looked non-stop...though she never was found during those initial searches, he never gave up because he knew that she had a microchip and he hoped that someday, she might return home.

After Lily's amazing reunion, the veterinary hospital took the opportunity to remind dog owners about the importance of having microchips implanted, stating:

If she wasn't microchipped it would be impossible for this miracle to have happened. PLEASE HAVE YOR PET MICROCHIPPED! This would also be a great time to mention that her story would have been a lot worse if she would not have been spayed but luckily her owner did that.

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