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Dog who burst into flames during flea treatment remains at the vet hospital

Burned dog remains hospitalized
Burned dog remains hospitalized
Screen shot via NBC Miami

According to Thursday's publication of the Sun-Sentinel, the dog who burst into flames during a flea treatment that went awry, remains at a veterinary hospital in Margate, Fla.

On Tuesday, the dog, 10-year-old "Ruby," sustained burns over 50 percent of her body after her guardian, Telma Botcherby, attempted to burn a tick which had jumped on the floor near the dog. Ruby's fur was coated in flammable flea spray and when she got too close to the flame, she ignited.

Ruby's other guardian, 48-year-old Jess Olivas, was also seriously burned when he scooped the burning dog into his arms and ran to jump into a swimming pool; Olivas also remains hospitalized for severe burns on his forearms.

Ruby's veterinarian, Dr. Peter Krolikowski of the Margate Veterinary Clinic, stated:

"She is definitely uncomfortable,"

It is too painful for her to sit or lay down. This is going to take some time because often it takes days for the extent of the trauma to show."

Ruby's owners admit that they did not read the warnings on the flea treatment which stated that the spray was highly flammable.

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