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Dog who bit veterinarian was put down to be tested for rabies

Veterinarian bitten at rabies clinic
Veterinarian bitten at rabies clinic
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According to Tuesday's WMBF News, a dog who bit a Robeson County, North Carolina, veterinarian in the face late last week, was put down in order to determine, in an expedited manner, if he was positive for rabies.

Rather than hold the dog for a 10-day quarantine period, the public health department opted to have the dog euthanized in order to test the brain for rabies; the results, which were received on Saturday, were negative.

Last Thursday, after giving the dog a rabies vaccination inside of a vehicle, Dr. David Brooks was bitten on the face. The veterinarian had been participating in a rabies vaccination clinic which was held at the White House Fire Department. Dr. Sonya Chavis, one of Dr. Brooks' associates, described what happened:

He went to a vehicle to vaccinate a dog and the animal apparently got away,”

When he went to vaccinate the animal he was bitten in the face.”

According to Carolina Live, Dr. Brooks was released from the hospital last Friday; following surgery, he is reported to be doing well.

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