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Dog who bit child in the face has been destroyed

Dog put down following attack on child
Dog put down following attack on child
Screen shot via Fox 4 news

According to Monday's Fox 4 KC News, a stray dog, who attacked a five-year-old child last weekend in Kansas City, Mo., has been destroyed.

Officials had been searching for the offending dog following the Saturday evening attack - the child was bitten in the face after the dog approached him during a family cookout.

Neighbors in the area of the attack, which occurred in the vicinity of East 27th Street and Bellefontaine, had reported seeing the dog wandering in the area for approximately two weeks. Prior to Saturday's attack, the same dog is believed to have bitten a woman in the leg - the first attack occurred not far from where the boy was attacked on Saturday evening.

The dog, described as a black Chow Chow, was finally located on Monday afternoon, not far from where the boy was bitten. Responding animal control officers utilized a tranquilizer gun and catch poles to secure the Chow.

Arthur Baker, with the Kansas City Animal Control, told Fox 4 KC News:

They had already shot him so he was pretty subdued when I got there, but you know like any dog, wanting to get away but we’ll take care of him now,”

Afterwards, the dog was loaded into a truck and taken to the Kansas City’s Pet Project where he was put down later the same night.

The boy, identified as Quintin King, who was bitten in the face is still recovering from his injuries at an area hospital.

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