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Dog wastes away while protecting grave of beloved guardian

Tommy mourns the loss of his person
Tommy mourns the loss of his person
Screen shot via New York Daily News/Blue Cross of India

A devoted dog, mourning the loss of his beloved guardian, wasted away at the site of the teen's grave in southern India, reported Thursday's New York Daily News.

For two weeks, the faithful dog, named "Tommy," sat beside the dirt bound that covered his teenage guardian's body; the 18-year-old boy, Bhaskar Shri, was killed in a car wreck on August 2. Tommy had been adopted by Shri five years before the accident which claimed the teen's life; the pair were described as "inseparable."

Photos of the canine resting by the dirt mound reveal a gaunt, almost skeletal dog who obviously had not been receiving regular food.

An animal rescue officer working with Blue Cross of India had noticed the dog beside the grave in early August, but it was not until she came upon the same dog, in the exact same position, nearly two weeks later, that Dawn Williams realized that the dog was not only starving, but clearly, in mourning. After questioning locals to the area, Williams learned that Tommy's person had died.

After some sleuthing, the mother of the deceased teenager was located and brought to the depressed dog's side. Williams described the moment that the pair met with one another:

When Tommy saw her, he jumped on her and was licking her before he rested his face on her feet. It was obvious he knew her,”

Tommy had previously refused to walk away from the grave with anyone else - he was apparently willing and ready to leave when Shri's mother came to get him. Shri's mother had assumed that Tommy was a runaway dog when he disappeared after her son's death - when she realized that he was alive and mourning their shared loss, she made the commitment to take the dog home.

Together, they will work through the overwhelming grief from the loss of a boy who meant the world to them.

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