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Dog walks miles to mudslide site where owner died: Grueling 3-mile walk for dog

A dog walked miles to the mudslide where his owner died in Oso, Wash. CBS Local in Seattle reports April 4 that the golden retriever, Boomer, traveled three miles in rough terrain to find his owner. As a result, the canine suffered cuts on his legs and a hip injury. He was found in mudslide debris about two weeks ago, but a veterinarian with Arlington Veterinary hospital said the dog's injuries were from the grueling walk, not the mudslide.

The dog is now owned by the sister of the man who died in the Oso mudslide.

So far 30 people have died in the mudslide with 28 being identified. The Snohomish County sheriff's office said it was trying to search for 17 other people.

In recent years a lot of stories have made news about a dog expressing sorrow their owner's passing. There was one in which a police dog paid his respects at the funeral of his police partner.

This dog walks miles to a mudslide site in search of where his owner was and realizes he's not there. It makes you sad for the animal who loved him so much.

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