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Dog waits for master outside of hospital for 8 days: Proof of love and loyalty

A Brazil homeless man, Lauri da Costa, was hurt when an unknown assailant pelted him in the face with a rock last week, and compelling him to go to the nearby emergency room of a hospital for treatment reported the

After 8 days of Seco the dog waiting for his best friend, Lauri da Costa, who was in the hospital for melanoma surgery, the two are reunited for a little while.
YouTube freeze shot

The man's four-year-old mixed breed dog, Seco waited outside the hospital door for his human to return.

While doctors attended to da Costa's facial injury, they discovered a cancerous melanoma on da Costa's face and admitted him for surgery the next day. Days passed, but Seco never left; he was still waiting for his human.

Hospital personnel were so moved by Seco's devotion, they made sure the dog had food and water.

On the eighth day, doctors allowed da Costa, even though he is still recovering from surgery, to be wheeled outdoors in order to see his dog. The reunion was heartwarming.

Watch as Seco's tail wiggles with delight as he happily jumps, frolics, and lays out some sloppy kisses when reunited with his favorite human. If you have ever doubted the unselfish love dogs have for us, this will convince you to appreciate your four-legged friends even more.

The reunion was caught on video; it's guaranteed to make you smile.

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