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Dog turns on stove starts laptop and house on fire when owner away, dog saved

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A dog started a fire while his owners were out of town and thankfully firefighters were there in time to rescue him. It seems the dog somehow turned on the stove and a laptop that was left on top of the appliance went up in flames in Lacy Township, New Jersey.

According to MSN News on Aug. 30, the fire created a lot of smoke, which was seen by neighbors before any flames broke out. Fire fighters arrived and got the family dog out of the house and he is no worse for the wear today.

Firefighters responded to the fire at 1318 Norwood Drive in the township’s Forked River Section. When they arrived smoke was already pouring out of the roof, reports USA Today.

The fire department's investigation indicates the dog accidentally turned the stove on which ended up setting the laptop in flames. This freak accidental fire was extinguished quickly by firefighters.