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Dog trying to protect ailing guardian is fatally shot by police officer

Protective dog fatally shot after biting police officer
Protective dog fatally shot after biting police officer
Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images

According to AZ Central News, a dog,who was trying to protect his ailing guardian, was fatally shot by a Broomfield, Colo., police officer on Friday.

Shortly before 10 a.m., an elderly man in his 80s, who was walking his leashed dog, collapsed on Dover Street. A good Samaritan witnessed the man's collapse and rushed to his aid, but the dog, described as a Staffordshire terrier, reacted when she approached; the woman sustained a bite on her arm.

The woman phoned 9-1-1 and a responding police officer also attempted to access the man on the ground, but again, the protective dog reacted - the officer attempting to provide aid sustained a bite on his leg. The officer who killed the dog has stated that the dog would not release its hold and that he was forced to fire his gun.

According to 9 News, the elderly man was transported to a hospital for treatment; his current condition is unknown. The dog-bite victims were treated for non-life threatening wounds.

A witness to Friday morning's shooting expressed dismay over the way the situation was handled to the Broomfield Enterprise:

There was a person that needed assistance immediately, on the ground, and there was a dog protecting him,"

"And there was nothing done to use anything but lethal force. The dog didn't have a chance and the man needed help.

"They didn't do anything to subdue the dog,"

"There's a long list of things they could do before anything lethal ... The police aren't bad people, but that was very brutal."

The police have stated that attending to the ailing, elderly man was their first priority; the incident is under investigation.

Though "police-shoot-dog" incidents are frequently reported in the news, there are also many incidents which highlight officer's compassion. Just this week, a police officer adopted an abused dog that he helped rescue last Sunday.

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