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Dog trapped under light rail goes to H.O.M.E. Animal Rescue

Sparkle is H.O.M.E.!
H.O.M.E. Animal Rescue

Sparkle, the beautiful stray dog who was rescued by Tempe police on July 4, 2014, has been given a new leash on life. Police saved her from under a Metro Light Rail car where she was hiding, apparently spooked by fireworks at the Tempe Town Lake Festival. Since no one stepped forward to claim her during her stray hold at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, and she was not tagged or chipped, H.O.M.E. Animal Rescue has been selected to take her in and rehabilitate her for adoption.

"Sparkle" has reportedly been a stray in the Tempe area for approximately three years.

Sabrina Lassalle, the founder of H.O.M.E. Animal Rescue has spoken with several Tempe area residents, including one gentleman that claims he has left food and water for Sparkle for two years. Sparkle will need to get used to life off the streets before she is ready for a new forever home, and Sabrina Lassalle says she is already on her way.

When asked if the shy dog had tried to escape since being turned over to the rescue, Sabrina noted, "She hasn't tried yet...everyone was worried when loading in and out of the car . . . I walked her around on a slip lead and she did fine. Thank God."

Sparkle is getting used to being with people again, and Sabrina will be working on her socialization. "She is great. It is so funny how these angels are. She is not very trusting of anyone but me. She comes up to me with no problem."

The rescue is located on an acre out in Buckeye, and it's principal, Sabrina Lassalle, has dedicated herself to saving dogs that have been listed for euthanasia at the county shelters. She is also a member of Lost Dogs Arizona, and often works hard to reunite dogs that she saves from the shelter with former owners if there is the possibility of finding them.

If you would like to keep up with Sparkle and her rescue, please visit their Facebook page: The rescue is a 501(c)(3) designated non-profit, and subsists solely on charitable donations. If you would like to donate to assist the rescue in Sparkle's care and towards their mission of saving animals from euthanasia, please visit their website to donate via Paypal.

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