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Dog Training...A quick note on treats

Treats help with dog training, but go easy.
Treats help with dog training, but go easy.
Photo by Kristian Dowling/Getty Images

Before you hand your Luv Muffin a treat, think about the size of the pup. A person's head is bigger than their stomach (or should be), right? So is a dog's. Small dogs don't need big bites and certainly not a lot of them. To train your fur friend, you'll be rewarding him often. A nibble about the size of half a dime should be plenty even for big dogs. It's the taste that makes the statement, not the size. (I'll refrain from jokes here.) Even a tiny treat is enough to say, "Atta boy!" I'm giving you something good because you gave me something good. After all, he should be getting his well-balanced diet from meals. Treats are kind of like cupcakes. They're tasty but not a very healthy diet for man nor beast.