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Dog tragedy - what would you do?


Responsible dog owners do their best to meet every need of their beloved companions - from providing quality food, shelter, shots, altering to the given...unconditional love.

But what would you do if you were faced with something completely unexpected?

What if your dog was grievously wounded and the veterinary expenses were so high that you actually had to consider surrendering your companion, or worse yet, being forced to have them euthanized?

One dog owner in Charles Town, W. Va., was faced with the unthinkable when her dog, Dakota, escaped from his fenced yard while she was out of town in mid-January. Dakota was being watched by two other people who reside at the same home, and it was their carelessness that allowed Dakota to disappear.

Shortly after Dakota escaped, he was struck and severely injured by a car.

Dakota had been picked up and taken to a veterinarian where his condition was so poor that he was nearly put down.

Fortunately, someone recognized his spirit to survive and days later, after days of frantic searching, when Dakota's guardian finally found out where he had been taken, he was still alive.

Dakota's guardian, Krystal, described the moment she was able to see her dog at the veterinary clinic:

When I saw him I broke some more. I ran to him and cried and cried and cried. I knew in that moment I couldn't let him go, not to a rescue, not to be euthanized. You see 5 years ago he saved my life literally. I felt it was my turn to save him. I am not rich in money but rich in the things that sometimes people forget about. Compassion. Love. Caring.

Both of Dakota's hips were fractured when he was struck by the car and the surgery to repair the damage is in the thousands...the expense is more than Dakota's guardian can afford, but she is doing her best.

Dakota is her responsibility, but his severe injury was nothing that she ever prepared for.

What would you do?

Anyone hoping to help Krystal with these expenses can either make a donation via a YouCaring fundraiser, or directly to the veterinary clinic, at: Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates, 120 East Cornwell Lane, Purcellville, Virginia, 20132, Phone : (540)338-7387

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