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Dog tossed from car near East Brookfield

Blake, the pit bull puppy thrown from a car in East Brookfield
Second Chance Animal Shelter

On Thursday morning, December 15th on Howe Street in East Brookfield, about 9:30 a.m. Joe Blancato, East Brookfield's animal control officer, was working at Second Chance Animal Shelter when he saw a car stop and throw an already seriously injured Pit Bull puppy out of the moving car. The shelter reports that the young male dog is approximately 6 or 7 months old and has injuries on his face and legs that appear to be the result of being used as bait for dog fighting. Police are conducting an investigation in hopes of catching the perpetrator, and perhaps a dog-fighting ring right here in the area.

The shelter reports that this dog is very sweet-tempered "The sweetest dog in the world!" according to shelter volunteers updating their Facebook page. Pictures of the dog show some of the injuries. The dog has been brought to Second Chance's Wellness Center in North Brookfield for examination by their in-house vet. He has been started on antibiotics and pain medication.

Channel 5, Channel 7, the Boston Globe and the Telegram & Gazette have all picked up the story of the pup, who has been temporarily named "Blake" by the shelter. It is everyone's hope that spreading the news of this incident will spark some leads and the capture of the person or persons who did these cruel acts to this poor defenseless animal.

Shelter representatives said, in a statement on their Facebook page: "I hope that people see this and see how these poor pits are treated. It needs to end. These are the sweetest dogs and to be subjected to this is horrible. They are not trash to be discarded. They are living breathing creatures that want nothing more than to be loved by us humans. It's a shame that humans do not have the same goals..."

The vehicle used by the person who dumped the dog is described as a full-sized, light-colored sport utility vehicle. Evidently, no additional injuries occurred from being tossed from the moving vehicle. All of the injuries are bite marks that appear to have been inflicted during dog-fighting, where young dogs are often used as "bait" to elicit aggression in fighting dogs and work them up into a frenzy.

The incident was reported to East Brookfield Police and an investigation is ongoing. Another Pit Bull was found on Podunk Road in East Brookfield earlier this month, and also appeared to have dog-fighting injuries.


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