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Dog the Bounty Hunter searching for War Machine in Mexico

According to an Aug. 15 report from, Dog the Bounty Hunter is on the lookout for former Bellator MMA fighter, War Machine, near the Mexican border checkpoint, just a couple hours from the pugilist's place of residence. Duane Chapman, best-known by his Dog the Bounty Hunter moniker, has been trying to find War Machine for over 72 hours, and so far he has not been successful.

Dog the Bounty Hunter on the lookout for War Machine in Mexico
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Dog the Bounty Hunter, a reality television star, has done a nice job keeping fight fans updated on his progress in capturing War Machine, as he tweeted a photo of the Mexican border checkpoint. Dog the Bounty Hunter has over 25 years of experience in his field, bringing fugitives to justice. The problem is that bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico, so Dog the Bounty Hunter might have some issues in finding and capturing War Machine. Time will tell how the situation pans out, but for now all MMA fans can do is keep an eye on Dog the Bounty Hunter's Twitter page for more updates.

War Machine has been on the run from police since Aug. 8, when he was involved in an altercation in Las Vegas with two other individuals. Here's what we know for sure: War Machine, 32, allegedly beat up critically-acclaimed actress, Christy Mack, so bad that she broke over a dozen bones in her face. Mack, 23, tweeted an official statement on the altercation, explaining that the attack left her with broken teeth, a ruptured liver and a bruised leg.

Mack says she suffered several other injuries, and a fundraiser has been set up to help her pay for medical bills. Luckily, Mack's injuries were non-life threatening and she is expected to make a full recovery. According to her side of the story, War Machine arrived to her Las Vegas home, unannounced late in the evening of Aug. 8. When he found her with her another man, he became enraged and started throwing punches at both Mack and the other gentleman.

War Machine's account of the situation might be far different, but so far he hasn't told authorities exactly how the night transpired. There are two sides to every story, and the truth is likely somewhere in between. The hope is that War Machine will be safety brought to justice, without anyone else being injured. That way, police can question him to get the truth out.

Bellator MMA released War Machine from his promotion contract, when word got out that he was involved in a domestic violence situation. They wasted no time in releasing him. Additionally, War Machine's clothing line parted ways with him, and wants no affiliation with his name. More details are sure to emerge in the days and weeks ahead.

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