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Dog the Bounty Hunter comes to Christy Mack's rescue

Duane "Dog" Chapman and wife Beth have a bounty out for ex-MMA fighter War Machine for the beating of his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack.
Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Reality TV star Duane Chapman, aka Dog the Bounty Hunter, is on the lookout for War Machine, otherwise known as Jonathan Koopenhaver, for the alleged gruesome assault of porn star Christy Mack reported the Los Angeles Times Wednesday. As news of Christy Mack’s beating unfolded via social media, Duane “Dog” Chapman and members of the porn industry have vowed to help Christy Mack through her domestic abuse ordeal.

According to The Huffington Post Christy Mack, 23, was severely beaten by ex-boyfriend Jonathan Koopenhaver/War Machine, 32, at approximately 2 a.m. on Friday, August 7 at her home in Las Vegas. After news of the violent domestic abuse surfaced on Twitter, Bellator, a mixed martial arts promotions company, released the MMA fighter from its contract. War Machine has been on the run from police, however, Koopenhaver has managed to declare his innocence on Twitter.

Jonathan Koopenhaver, who has also appeared in porn, stated he went to Mack’s home to propose and found her in bed with another man, and was merely "trying to defend himself." Christy Mack’s family and friends said the on-and-off again couple split in May, although TMZ spotted the now estranged pair together three weeks ago. Christy detailed the horrific account on Twitter with graphic pictures. In brief, the petite Mack alleges War Machine broke into her home, made her shower as he watched, cancelled future plans on her phone, tried to rape her, but couldn’t obtain an erection, chopped off her hair and beat her with his fists and feet. She managed to escape to a neighbor’s home and phone police. She suffers broken bones, including ribs, missing teeth, a broken nose and multiple cuts and lacerations.

Dog the Bounty Hunter joined the social media deluge and vowed to track down War Machine, tweeting “‪@WarMachine170 better 2Give All You Excuses To The got 24 hrs to turn your self in or I am Coming After YOU.!‪#CMTDogAndBeth.” Ironic that a new season of "Dog and Beth: On the Hunt", spinoff of "Dog the Bounty Hunter," which A&E cancelled in 2012, is back for its second season on CMT.

Along with Duane “Dog” Chapman, and his wife Beth, members of the porn industry have come out to raise funds for Christy Mack to receive reconstructive surgery. Mercury News reported porn actress Kendall Karson has raised $30,000 with the hope of reaching $100,000 in a crowd-funding campaign. As of this publication, War Machine hasn’t turned himself into the police or to Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth.

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